An effort to provide "woobies" to dogs ( and cats ) waiting to be adopted across North America.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Puppy Shower!

Fanny - one of the Reedgate IG's - had her babies yesterday. I thought she looked chubby....


I am hosting a "Puppy Shower" for Fanny and the babies. If you are able to donate a woobie and a toy, please send it to

SOS Rescue - Fannies Babies
c/o Jennifer Lawson
24 Trenton Avenue
Jackson, OH 45640

I'm sure that if you'd like to include something special for Fanny, she'd think that was GREYT!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mabelle and her Woobie

This is another of the Reedgate IG's. Her name is Mabelle and her Woobie was donated by Shelby Morrow. Doesn't Mabelle look adorable with her new Woobie? Thanks Shelby!

IG Rescue Links

Here are some more links.

IG Rescue NorthWest.

Midwest IG Rescue

Please stop by for a visit and consider sending some Woobies their way!

Friday, March 02, 2007


This is Sansa. She is an Italian Greyhound who was available for adoption in Indiana. I fell in love with her and seriously considered adopting her but I'm quite the distance away. So I decided to make her a Woobie to let her know that I was thinking of her.

Sansa was adopted before the Woobie even arrived! YAY Sansa! This pic was sent to me by her new Momma.

Woobie Testing.....

This is a pic of Diana, resident Whippet Princess and official "Woobie Tester".

Reedgate IG's

Many of the dogs available through Rescue have never known the comfort of a warm, soft WOOBIE and that's a crime. Some have spent their lives in wire cages at puppymills ( which should also be a crime ) until the brave Volunteers found them, offering hope. Now they can finally feel the touch of loving human hands and be wrapped in a Woobie of their very own. This is exactly what happened Saturday, February 17th at the Reedgate puppymill auction in Lamar, MO. 36 Italian Greyhounds are now safe in Fosterhomes and beginning the journey toward a new life. ( Harmony is one of them, her pic is on an earlier post )

It is my goal to get 40 blankets to SOS Rescue for the Reedgate IG’s, so I'm placing a little appeal here for them. The style, pattern, color and material are only limited by your Imagination. Please send the Woobies directly to

SOS Rescue
c/o Jennifer Lawson
24 Trenton Avenue
Jackson, OH 45640


Here are links to the Rescue Groups that the Woobie Roundup will be helping. Please visit the sites and contact them directly if you would like to donate. I am certain that new groups will be added over time, as I am sometimes approached by groups who are overwhelmed with Fosters and need a bundle-o-Woobies. I may also list an appeal for one group in particular, focusing an entire month to that group.

Itty Bitty Woobies - approx 2 feet square

Please forward to :
TLC Cats c/o Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT USA


Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport

Little Woobies - approx 3 feet square ( baby blankets work GREYT! )

Please forward to :

Internet Miniature Pinscher Service
PO Box 15305
Clearwater, FL
USA 33766-5305

Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue

Italian Greyhound Safehouse Alliance

Italian Greyhound Club of Canada Rescue

Canadian Yorksire Terrier Rescue

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

Kinda-big Woobies - 3.5 to 4 feet square

Please forward to :

WRAP – Whippet Rescue and Placement

Whippet Rescue Canada

Saluki Tree of Life Alliance ( STOLA )

Basenji Rescue and Transport ( BRAT )

Baby-got-back Woobies - 4.5 - 5 feet square ( or the size of a single-bed blanket )

Please forward to :

Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Afghan Hound Club of American Rescue

Harmony's Woobie

This is HARMONY. She is an Italian Greyhound who recently arrived at SOS Rescue.

Harmony is pictured with her "Woobie" that was made and donated by my buddy, Betsy. I'll include the note that was sent to us by Harmony's Momma, Jennifer.

Today, we took 6 1/2 year old Harmony to the vet. She was scheduled to be spayed next week, but we bumped her up to the head of the list because she had the beginnings of pyometra. She also had an inguinal hernia that needed repaired and a major teeth cleaning. Well, her teeth couldn't be pulled because her bottom jaw had deteriorated to the point that it had seperated. So, our vet had to wire her bottom jaw together.

Anyway, the poor little soul basically went through pure hell today. I brought her home right after the surgery to let her recuperate in our house. As she was coming out of anesthesia, she began crying and moaning. I grabbed your afghan that you sent and wrapped it around her and picked Harmony up. She immediately quit crying. I held her for 2 hours in your blankie and she loved every second of it.

I have already decided to keep her forever, but this really sealed our bond today. Holding her in your blankie today completely reassured her that she could trust me and that I would always be there for her. Thank you so much for taking the time to send those blankets to us. You have caused quite a bit of magic in this house.

As you can see, Woobie's really DO work. I have many stories such as this one that I hope to add to the Blog over the next week or so. The Woobie Roundup is currently concentrating on getting Woobies to the IG's who recently arrived at SOS Rescue. Please contact them directly if you'd like to contribute.

What's a Woobie and why do they need roundin' up?

What is a "Woobie"?

In this case, the term Woobie refers to a security blanket. This term was most famously used by Micheal Keaton's character, Jack Butler, in reference to his son Kenny's blanket. Many a Woobie has been drug through the streets by children in need of a bit of reassurance.

Why do they need roundin' up?

Several years ago, I decided to crochet 40 blankets for Internet Miniature Pinscher Service in honor of my dog, Sailor - he was a Miniature Pinscher ( Min Pin ). Other people heard about my efforts and offered to help. I named this little project "Sailor's Blanket" and thus far, over 1000 blankets have been donated to Rescue Groups across North America.

The blankets are given to the dogs when they arrive in the Foster Home and go with them when they are adopted. This provides the dogs with a sense of comfort and security while they adjust to their new life. This is especially important for the "milldogs" - dogs who are liberated from Puppymills and have never known a life that included blankets, toys and a soft bed.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of dogs ( and cats ) currently waiting to be adopted across North America and ( unfortunately ) there will be at least one to take their place once they find a Forever Home. The need for "Woobies" will never cease and as long as there is a need such as this, I will continue.

What's in a name?

For years, this project has been referred to as "Sailor's Blanket". Sailor was not a rescue, he was a showdog that I shared my life with. The project started out as one for Min Pins exclusively but has grown to include many breeds. I decided that I needed a name that would reflect the purpose of this effort and "Woobie Roundup" seemed appropriate.

So, I've officially elected myself SHERRIFF of Woobietown! I am in charge of roundin' up the Woobies and gettin' them to the dogs ( and cats ) who need 'em. YEE-HAW!

How can you help?

The Woobies can be new or gently used ( freshly washed, please - there's nothing better than a Woobie fresh out of the dryer ). They can be homemade or purchased. I crochet, others knit or sew. Some go on "Woobie Roundups" at their local charity shops, discount stores, department stores or their linen closet.

Choose a rescue group from the links provided or contact a shelter in your area to donate Woobies to. This is a Volunteer-based, non-profit effort. All of the shipping costs will be handled by those donating the Woobies. I do not accept money at all. You decide how many Woobies you would like to donate, who you would like to give them to and make arrangements to get them there.

It's that easy!

Now git on out there and Round up 'dem Woobies!