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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Milldog Rescue Network

Some of the Kansas 15 ( 8 of them, I believe ) were taken in by Milldog Rescue Network. They still have 6 of the IG's available for adoption, which make up the 17 total available dogs and the 10 new arrivals. We are still trying to work on a way to get two of them up to me for Fostering and adoption, but that may take several more weeks. Please visit the site to see the dogs and learn more about how the Volunteers are helping them.

Meanwhile, I would like to do a Woobie Roundup for Milldog Rescue Network. These dogs are a perfect example of why Foster Homes are in need of supplies. These dogs arrive with absolutely nothing. They need blankets, dishes, toys, leashes, collars, crates - all the basics. The issue of collars for the Italian Greyhounds is quite different from other breeds. Sighthounds can slip out of an ordinary buckle collar. They need what is called a Martingale. It is adjustable and designed so that they can't back out of it.

If you can send a donation of supplies or funds, please send it to :

Milldog Rescue Network
13030 Herring Road
Colorado Springs, CO


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